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Our  is a partial list for your convenience and is based upon the publication found at this link :
(which is authored by Richard Polt)
Ernest Hemingway
Corona 3, Royal Arrow, Underwood Noiseless
Alfred Hitchcock
'30s Underwood Champion 
Agatha Christie
Remington Portable 2, Remington Portable 5
Douglas Fairbanks 
Underwood 5
Typewriting Writers & some fun videos
Marlon Brando
Royal DeLuxe
Herb Caen
Royal FP Desk Model
Leonard Cohen
Olivetti Lettera 32
Ingrid Bergman
Smith-Corona Skyriter
​Erma Bombeck
IBM Selectric I
Noel Coward
Royal KHM
​E.E. Cummings
Smith Corona Clipper
T.S. Eliot
Smith Corona Sterling 
Stan Laurel 
Olympia SM3 or SM4
Sinclair Lewis
Underwood 6, Corona 3 
Ann Landers
Olivetti Lettera 22

Jack London
Standard Folding
Call Of The Wild +
Harper Lee
Underwood Portable
To Kill A Mockingbird
Margaret Mitchell
Standard Folding
Gone With The Wind
William Faulkner
Royal KHM, Remington Noiseless Desktop, 1930's Underwood Portable
James Michener
Olympia SM, Olympia SG3
Carl Sandburg
Underwood 5
George Orwell
Remington Portable
"Animal Farm"
Rod Serling
Royal KM
George Bernard Shaw
Remington Noiseless Portable
Neil Simon
Olympia SM9

Upton Sinclair
Underwood 6
Mickey Spillane
L.C. Smith Standard Super Speed
Danielle Steele
Olympia SG1
John Steinbeck
Hermes Baby
"Grapes of Wrath"...+
J.R. Tolkien
"Lord Of The Rings", "Hobbit"
Tennessee Williams
Corona Sterling, Royal KMM, Olivetti Studio 44, Remington Portable #5
Kurt Vonnegut
Smith Corona Courier
E.B. White
Underwood (s) Standard Rhythm Touch & Quiet Tab Deluxe
"Stuart Little" ... +
Robert Louis Stevenson